Chanteuse Country US née à Duncanville (Alabama).

Sherry Bryce born in Duncanville, Alabama, is an American country music artist. Between 1971 and 1977, she charted fifteen times on the Billboard country singles charts, including seven duos with Mel Tillis. Their highest-charting duo was 1971's "Take My Hand" at #8. They were also nominated in 1974 at the Country Music Association awards for Duo of the Year. At the time, both she and Tillis were signed to MGM/Curb Records, and she recorded two duo albums with him. Bryce released six solo singles on the label and two solo albums but none of the singles reached higher than #45. Bryce also recorded briefly for MCA and Pilot Records in 1976 and 1977, owning the latter label with her husband, Mack Sanders.

Talents : Singer

Style musical : Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



04/1971 SP MGM K-14255 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Take My Hand / Life's Little Surprises
10/1971 SP MGM K-14303 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Living And Learning / Tangled Vines
1972 SP MGM KGC-227 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Take My Hand / Living And Learning
02/1972 SP MGM K-14365 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Anything's Better Than Nothing / Then It Will Be All Over
06/1972 SP MGM K-14409 (US) One More Time / That's What Loving You Has Done For Me
12/1972 SP MGM K-14472 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Happyville / Back To Life
05/1973 SP MGM K-14548 (US) Leaving's Heavy On My Mind / Coffee And Tears
10/1973 SP MGM K-14660 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Let's Go All The Way / In The Vine
01/1974 SP MGM K-14695 (US) Don't Stop Now / Saving What You're Spending It For
03/1974 SP MGM M-14714 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Don't Let Go / Why Not Do These Things
05/1974 SP MGM M-14726 (US) Treat Me Like A Lady / Where Love Has Died
09/1974 SP MGM M-14747 (US) Oh, How Happy / Come On Down To Our House
12/1974 SP MGM M-14776 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - You Are The One/ I See Heaven In You
02/1975 SP MGM M-14793 (US) Love Song / I Love Loving You
05/1975 SP MGM M-14803 (US) Sherry BRYCE & Mel TILLIS - Mr Wright And Mrs Wrong / Just Two Strangers
06/1975 SP MGM M-14812 (US) Hang On Feelin' / Congratulations
05/1976 SP MCA MCA-40562 (US) Honky Tonk Bands / Pretty Lies
10/1976 SP MCA MCA-40630 (US) Everything's Coming Up Love / Let Your Body Speak Your Mind
08/1977 SP PILOT PR45100 (US) Lady Ain't For Sale / Gone Baby, Gone
1978 SP PILOT PR45102 (US) I'm Your Lover (I'm Your Friend)


1971 LP 12" MGM SE 4800 (US) LIVING AND LEARNING / TAKE MY HAND - Mel TILLIS & Sherry BRYCE - Take My Hand / Anything's Better Than Nothing / Life's Little Suprises / In The Vine / Back To Life / Living And Learning / Then It Will All Be Over / Tangled Vines / What Money Can't Buy / After The Fire Is Gone
1974 LP 12" MGM SE 4937 (US) LET'S GO ALL THE WAY TONIGHT - Mel TILLIS & Sherry BRYCE - Let's Go All The Way Tonight / I See Heaven In You / You Are The One / Mr Right And Mrs Wrong / Just Two Strangers Passing In The Night / They'll Never Break The Chains / Stand Beside Me Behind Me / Why Not Do The Things / Don't Let Go / Happyville
1974 LP 12" MGM M3G 4967 (US) TREAT ME LIKE A LADY - Treat Me Like A Lady / Where Love Has Died / Oh How Happy / I'm Alright You're Alright / Don't Stop Now / Roll It Around In Your Mind / Satin Sheets / Leavin's Heavy On My Mind / Saving What You're Spending It For / Come On Down To My House
1975 LP 12" MGM M3G 5000 (US) THIS SONG'S FOR YOU - This Song's For You / Lay It Down Easy / For Husbands And Lovers / Baby Blue / Love Song / Alabama The Heart Of Dixie / I Love Loving You / Congratulations / Hang On Feelin' / single Goodbye Song

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