Chanteuse Country / Rockabilly US originaire de Saint-Louis (Missouri).

With a backward glance toward classic country and rockabilly, Marti Brom's music has honed a distinct edge on the contemporary alternative roots scene. Born in St. Louis, Brom spent her summers in New Orleans, where she absorbed the rich music of the South. With time, Brom began listening to punk and new wave bands like Blondie and Chrissie Hynde. Hynde's early career, in fact, inspired Brom's first attempt to become a singer. She saved her money and flew to England, where she planned on "hanging out" until she was discovered. When she arrived and informed the authorities that she had no idea how long she was staying, they placed her in the Beehive, the airport jail. Brom spent the remainder of the money she had saved for a plane ticket back to St. Louis. Back home, Brom was introduced to country legend Patsy Cline by a high school student named Michael Stipe the future lead singer of R.E.M. that she'd met at Rocky Horror Picture Show in St. Louis. She also became infatuated with jazz singer Billie Holiday and learned all of her songs. Brom's official start came when her husband, Bobby, an officer in the Air Force, brought home a flyer for an audition. Although frightened, Brom received a part in a musical titled The 1940s Radio Show. Shortly after that, she met High Noon singer Shaun Young and was invited to sit in with the band. Brom recorded her first single, "Crazy Fever," in 1992 and followed with two more singles in 1995 and 1996. It was the release of Mean in 1998, however, that truly showcased her potential. Released in a reel-to-reel box, the package included an eight-song CD and four mono 45 rpm records. The vintage packaging also mirrored the vintage country sound. Soon, Brom began to release a steady stream of albums on Goofin' Records including Snake Ranch in 1999 and Feudin' & Fightin' in 2000. In 2003 she returned with Wise to You! and in 2005 with Sings Heartache Numbers. Both Brom's Vocals style, recalling Patsy Cline, and her use of a classic country sound, infuses her music with an authentic feel that seems more like the real thing than a throwback to yesterday.

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

1992 SP RENEGADE 412 (US)

Crazy Fever / Hiccups

1997 SP GOOFIN' XMAS 569 (FIN)


Kisses For Christmas / Sleigh Bell Rock

BARNSHAKERS : You're The Cause Of It All / Tell My Baby I Love Her / MARTI & The BARNSHAKERS : I Love You Honey / Maybe I Do

2013 SP Squarebird SB-005 (US)

To Janis, Love & Kisses - Love & Kisses / Cracker Jack

2013 SP GOOFIN' GRSI 223 (FIN)
Macumba Love / Goof Ball (additional vocals - Barrence Whitfield)


1999 CD SQUAREBIRD 1 (US) MEAN - Latch On / Wicked White Lies / Boo Hoo Boogie / Mean / Wanna Kiss / I'm Drinking Too / Tomcat / Unproclaimed Love
1999 CD GOOFIN' 6093 (FIN) LASSOED LIVE - Marti BROM with The JET TONES - All Right Baby / One Way Track / Really Really Love You / (Now And Then There's A) Fool Such As I / Funnel Of Love / All I Can Do Is Cry / I Stilll Can't Forget About You / Dirty Dog / Gotta Lay Off Rhythm In My Soul / Rock Boppin' Baby / One Cup Of Coffee / Beachcomber / Gonna Be Loved
2000 CD GOOFIN' 6701 (FIN) SNAKE RANCH - Marti BROM & The BARNSHAKERS - Blue Tatoo / They Call Me Crazy / Kiss The Baby Goodnight / No Good Lover / This Is Love Not Liquor / Lovesick Clown / Black Cadillac / Snake Ranch / Eat My Words / You Put It There / Jeopardy / Love Hound / Cry To Me Baby / Now Stop
2000 CD GOOFIN' 6702 (FIN) FEUDIN' AND FIGHTIN' - Marti BROM with The CORNELL HURD BAND - Freudin' And Fightin' / Kiss Me Big T / Making Love Tennessee Style / Moon Shine Lullabye / Flat River Missouri / They Were Doing The Mambo
2003 CD GOOFIN' 6703 (FIN) WISE TO YOU - That Crazy Beat / I Changed My Mind Jack / Why Are You Saving Your Kisses / Rainbow's End / Great Shakin' Fever / My Baby's Gone / Don't Stop / Whole Lotta Lonesome / Firecracker / Wise To You / You're The Boss / Voodoo Voodoo / Full Grown / I Go To Sleep / Fallin' / I've Got That Lovin' Bug Itch
2005 CD GOOFIN' 6704 (FIN) MARTI BROM SINGS HEARTACHE NUMBERS - One Way Ticket To The Blues / Alone At A Table For Two / Three Hearts Later / Four Walls / Five Fingers To Spare / Whiskey Six Years Old / Seven Lonely Days / Eight Weeks In A Barroom / Apartment No 9 / Ten Minutes Till Heartaches / A-11 / 12th Of Never / Thirteen Steps Away / Heartaches By The Number
10/2010 CD GOOFIN' 6705 (FIN) NOT FOR NOTHIN' - Finders Keepers / Get A Little Goner / Mascara Tears / Not For Nothin' / Forbidden Fruit / Something Blue / Never No More / Sweet Baby Of Mine / Blues Keep Calling / Sweet Thang / Write Me In Care Of The Blues / Feelin' Right Tonight / I Get The Blues When It Rains / A Fool Such As I / Spook House

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