Guitariste et chanteur Country US né Thomas Charles Bresh, le 23 Février 1948 à Hollywood (Californie). Thom Bresh est décédé le 23 Mai 2022 à Nashville (Tennessee).

The versatile Thom Bresh played no less than nine instruments, including the tuba and the steel guitar; he also sang, acted, and did impressions of celebrities. Although involved in country music since the early '70s, with many hits, Bresh never made it to the loftiest heights of superstardom. The son of country hero Merle Travis, Bresh was born in Hollywood, where he debuted at the age three singing "Your Cheatin' Heart" at the Carriganville Movie Ranch. He made his feature film debut at age seven and was already learning to play guitar. At age 15, he replaced Roy Clark in Hank Penny's band and eventually replaced Hank when he retired. Bresh then became an actor/stuntman for about ten years, also playing with the Crescents in the mid-'60s.
In 1970, he formed his own road band, toured, and eventually returned to L.A., appearing in musicals such as The Music Man. He next moved to Seattle to run Merilee Rush's recording studio and co-hosted the Canadian television show Nashville Swings. He cut the single "D.B. Cooper, Where Are You" in 1972 for Kapp, recorded two singles for MGM three years later, and moved to the Farr label in 1976. There he recorded the album Homemade Love, whose title cut became a Top Ten hit and was followed by a string of Top 40 hits. In late 1977, Bresh began a four-year association with ABC/Dot Records, where he cut two albums, Kicked Back (1977) and Portrait (1978). Bresh signed to Liberty in 1983 and released a minor hit duo with Lane Brody, "When It Comes to Love." He and Brody continued working and touring together, even starring in their own TV special.
Thom Bresh died on May 23, 2022 in Nashville (Tennessee).

Talents : Vocals, Actor, Songwriter, Guitar, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Tuba, Trombone, Banjo, Bass, Steel Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Contemporary Country, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan / Finger/Picked Guitar

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



197? SP KAPP ? (US) D. B. Cooper, Where Are You ? / ?
1972 SP KAPP 2160 (US) Apple Pie / + D. B. COOPER
1975 SP MGM 14783 (US) Tom BRESH - You're The Best Daddy In The World / ?
1975 SP MGM 14824 (US) Tom BRESH - Soda Pop And Gumball Days / ?
1976 SP FARR FR-004 (US) Tom BRESH - Homemade Love / California Old Time Song
1976 SP FARR FR-009 (US) Tom BRESH  - Sad Country Love Song / While We Make Love Together
1977 SP FARR FR-012 (US) Tom BRESH  - Hey Daisy (Where Have All The Good Times Gone) / Where Was I
1977 SP ABC / DOT 17703 (US) Tom BRESH  - Until I Met You / Wonder What It's Like
1977 SP ABC 17720 (US) Tom BRESH  - Start All Over Again / That Old Cold Shoulder
1978 SP ABC 17738 (US) Tom BRESH  - If Everyone Was Happy / Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
1978 SP ABC12352 (US) Tom BRESH  - Huckleberry Week-End / Ways Of A Woman In Love
1978 SP ABC 12389 (US) Tom BRESH  - First Encounter Of A Close Kind / Woman Who Will
1982 SP LIBERTY XW 1487 (US) Tom BRESH  - Somebody Like You / When It Comes To Love
1983 SP LIBERTY XW 1502 (US) I'd Love You To Want Me / Somebody Like You
1983 SP LIBERTY XW 1510 (US) Somebody Like You / Whatever Blows Your Dress Up


1976 LP 12" FARR FL 1000 (US) HOMENADE LOVE - TOM BRESH - Sad Country Love Song / Hey Daisy (Where Have All The Good Times Gone) / While We Make Love Together / If I Were A Carpenter / Homemade Love / Buford’s One & Only Funky Country Music Disco Band / You’re My Home / Where Was I / Show Me / There’s Always Something Missing
1977 LP 12" ABC / DOT DOSD-2084 (US) KICKED BACK - TOM BRESH - That Old Cold Shoulder / Start All Over Again / Knee Deep In Loving You / Until I Met You / Make It Pretty For Me Baby / Heart Of The Country / I Wonder What It's Like / If We Can Make It / The Way I Feel Tonight / Mother Country Music / Pickin' And Foolin' (instr.)
1978 LP 12" ABC PARAMOUNT AA-1055 (US) PORTRAIT - TOM BRESH - Makin' Love Feelin' No Pain / A Woman Who Will / My Better Half / Huckleberry Week-End / Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette) / Ways Of A Woman In Love / If Everyone Was Happy / My Lickskillet Indiana Home / Let It Go / Saturday Night
07/2001 CD SOLID AIR SACD2025 (US)

GUTS & STEEL - GROOVEMASTERS, VOL. 5 - (Thom GRESH & Buster B. JONES) - Where You Gonna Be? / Guts And Steel / Pousse De Marcel (Marcel's Thumb) / 2nd Avenue / Pickin' And Foolin' - Stumpwater / Little Tornado / Guitarville / Brokedown Time / Auvoir Mon Ami (Farewell My Friend) [Buster B. JONES solo] / 9 LB Jam / Dirty Laundry / Cannon Ball Romp / Can We Do It Slower? / I'll See You in My Dreams / Peanut Butter And Jelly / Music, Music, Music [Thom BRESH solo] / Tennessee Waltz / Red Haired Boy / Malaguena / Whats Where? / Eiffel Power

200? CD ? (US) SON OF A GUITAR PICKIN' MAN - Son Of A Guitar Pickin' Man / Blue Smoke / Guitar Rag / Walkin' Backwards / Dance Of The Golden Rod / Cascade / Childhood Memories / White Heat / Whatever Blows Your Dress Up / Rock-A-Bye / Bugle Call Rag / I'll Cry Instead / Bullshot! / My Guitar Heroes / Guitar In The Window
200? CD DCM DIGITAL  (US) LIVE & PICKIN' - Hangin - Jelly Roll / Merle Travis Salute-5 songs / My Band.. 4 Guitar songs / Ageless, Timeless Love / Poke Salad / duo with Buster B. JONES / The Godin Synth Guitar / Back To You / Achey Breaky Voices / Lost John / That's All
200? CD ? (US) WIRES TO THE WOOD - Mr. Guitar, My Friend / Wasn't He A Dandy / Bar B Que / Long Lost John / Christian & Nicole / Happy Again / Buster Upper / Midnight / Janet's Planet / Me & Ole Paul / Wires To The Wood / Mira MacGuire / Take Another Swing At Me / Marcel's Thumb / Muhlenberg Moon / My Brother Thom / Heather's Hideaway / Cold Cold Heart / Clawin' / Diana
20?? CD ? (US) DOWN & NOT TOO DIRTY - I'm The Man, She's The Boss / The Grand Opening / Job Like That / Brown Eyed Women / I'm A Good Ol' Boy / Take Another Swing At Me / The Man My Dog Thinks I Am / S.O.B. / He Bit Him On The Ear / Standard Oil / Hillbilly Hell / Mr. Guitar My Friend / White Trash Christmas / Underpants / Kelson's Gas Station / Country Questions
20?? CD ? (US) @ HOME - Boogie Woogie Feelin' / Past Life / Bar School / Coffee Break (instr.) / Cookie Jar / If Cheaters Never Win / Waiting In The Wings / The Cat Came Back / Mi Amigo (instr.) / Reed Between The Strings / My Baby Lives In Austin / Peace In The Valley / Vermillion (instr.) / My Better Half

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