Chanteuse Country US née Susan Kay Bogguss, le 30 Décembre 1956 à Aledo (Illinois).

One of the most acclaimed female country singers of the late '80s and '90s, Suzy Bogguss was able to balance country tradition with a contemporary mainstream sensibility, thereby satisfying both audiences and critics. Bogguss was born in Aledo, IL, in 1956, and began singing in her church choir at age five. Encouraged by her parents, she learned piano and drums as a child, and took up guitar as a teenager. While studying art at Illinois State University, she performed in local coffeehouses and clubs, and after graduating in 1980, she hit the road, playing wherever she could find a gig around the Midwest, Northeast, and even parts of Canada. She moved to Nashville in 1985 and worked as a demo singer while playing in clubs by night; she later took a job singing at the Dollywood theme park and sold tapes of her own music, one of which got her signed to Liberty/Capitol when a label executive heard it. Bogguss released her first singles in 1987, and her debut album, Somewhere Between, appeared the following year. It received hugely positive reviews for blending country's past and present, and featured covers of Patsy Montana's "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" and Merle Haggard's "Somewhere Between," and also produced a decent-sized hit in "Cross My Broken Heart." The 1990 follow-up, Moment of Truth, took Bogguss in a more polished direction, but failed to break her to a wider audience.That all changed with 1991's gold-selling Aces, which spun off a total of four hit singles: "Someday Soon," "Letting Go," "Outbound Plane," and the title track (the latter three all made the country Top Ten). Bogguss was now a star, and her 1992 follow-up, Voices in the Wind — a more pop-oriented effort — brought the highest-charting hit of her career in the number two cover of John Hiatt's "Drive South"; it also became her second straight gold album. 1993's Somethin' Up My Sleeve gave her two additional Top Five hits in "Just Like the Weather" and "Hey Cinderella." For her next outing, 1994's Simpatico, Bogguss took something of a left turn, cutting a charmingly low-key album of duos with guitar legend Chet Atkins; she also released a greatest-hits collection that year. Bogguss took a bit of time off to start a family with her husband and songwriting partner, Doug Crider, and returned in 1996 with Give Me Some Wheels, which proved a commercial disappointment. The same was true of 1998's Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt, and Bogguss subsequently parted ways with Capitol and signed on with the smaller Platinum label. Her label debut, Suzy Bogguss (aka It's a Perfect Day), failed to reverse her downward sales spiral. In 2003, after a brief hiatus, Bogguss returned to the airwaves with Swing, a stylish collection of pop, jazz, and swing tunes from the likes of Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, and Duke Ellington, followed by the holiday set Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas later that year. In 2007 she released a collection of all new tunes, Sweet Danger, on the Loyal Dutchess label.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Yodeler, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country-Pop  

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



02/1987 SP CAPITOL B-5669 (US) . I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire / Hopeless Romantic
07/1987 SP CAPITOL B-44045 (US) . Love Will Never Slip Away / True North
12/1987 SP CAPITOL B-44103 (US) . Come As You Are / True North
07/1988 SP CAPITOL B-44187 (US) . I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart / I Still Love You
11/1988 SP CAPITOL B-44270 (US) . Somewhere Between / I'm At Home On The Range
05/1989 SP CAPITOL B-44399 (US) . Cross My Broken Heart / Hopeless Romantic
10/1989 SP CAPITOL B-44450 (US) . My Sweet Love Ain't Around / Somewhere Between
11/1989 SP CAPITOL B-44503 (US) . Mr Santa / ?
08/1991 SP CAPITOL NR-44772 (US) . Someday Soon / Fear Of Flying
12/1991 SP LIBERTY S7-57753 (US) . Outbound Plane / Yellow River Road
03/1992 SP LIBERTY S7-57764 (US) . Aces / Hopelessly Yours
07/1992 SP LIBERTY S7-57801 (US) . Letting Go / Music On The Wind
11/1992 SP LIBERTY S7-56786 (US) . Drive South / In The Day
02/1993 SP LIBERTY S7-56972 (US) . Heartache / Lovin' A Hurricane
07/1993 SP LIBERTY S7-17495 (US) . Just Like The Weather / No Green Eyes
11/1993 SP LIBERTY S7-17641 (US) . Hey Cinderella / You'd Be The One
11/1993 SP LIBERTY S7-17650 (US) . I'll Be Home For Christmas / Mr Santa
04/1994 SP LIBERTY S7-17907 (US) . You Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger / Something Up My Sleeve
08/1994 SP LIBERTY S7-18091 (US) . Souvenirs / You'd Be The One
1995 SP LIBERTY S7-18583 (US) .

Something (Tanya TUCKER) / All My Loving (Suzy BOGGUSS & Chet ATKINS)

05/1996 SP CAPITOL S7-58564 (US) . Give Me Some Wheels / Far And Away
08/1996 SP CAPITOL S7-19252 (US) . No Way Out / Letting Go
11/1996 SP CAPITOL S7-19349 (US) . I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day / Two Step Around The X-Mas Tree
02/1997 SP CAPITOL S7-19508 (US) . She Said He Heard / Feeling 'Bout You
03/1998 SP CAPITOL S7-19945 (US) . Somebody To Love / I Surrender
08/1998 SP CAPITOL S7-58720 (US) . Nobody Love Nobody Gets Hurt / When I Run
11/1998 SP CAPITOL S7-58755 (US) . From Where I Stand / I Wish Hearts Would Brake

Hopelessly Yours (Lee GREENWOOD & Suzy BOGGUSS) / Don't Go Out (Tanya TUCKER & T. Graham BROWN)

2009 CD 15 Bottles ? (US)

Gretchen Peters, Suzy Bogguss, Matraca Berg - The Sewanee Sessions - Hammer And Nail / Tomorrow Morning / Camille / Wild Horses / Heartache / Farther Along


1988 CD LIBERTY 90237 (US) SOMEWHERE BETWEEN - Somewhere Between / Guilty As They Come / I'm At Home On The Range / My Sweet Love Ain't Around / Handyman's Dream / I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart / Cross My Broken Heart / Take It Like A Man / Hopeless Romantic / Night Rider's Lament
08/1990 CD LIBERTY 92653 (US) MOMENT OF TRUTH - Under The Gun / My Side Of The Story / Moment Of Truth / All Things Made New Again / Wild Horses / Fear Of Flying / As If I Didn't Know / Blue Days / Burning Down / Friend Of Mine
08/1991 CD LIBERTY 95847 (US) ACES - Outbound Plane / Aces / Someday Soon / Let Goodbye Hurt / Save Yourself / Yellow River Road / Part Of Me / Letting Go / Music On The Wind / Still Hold On
05/1992 CD COUNTRY STARS 55565 (US) LIVE IN NASHVILLE - CHET ATKINS, JERRY REED & SUZY BOGGUSS - Sneakin' Around / All I Ever Need Is You / Outbound Plane / Ain't Nobody's Business / Something / Three Little Words / Aces / Midnight / Muleskinner Blues / Summertime / Georgia On My Mind / Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
10/1992 CD LIBERTY 98585 (US) VOICES IN THE WIND - Heartache / Drive South / Don't Wanna / How Come You Go To Her / Other Side Of The Hill / In The Day / Love Goes Without Saying / Eat At Joe's / Lovin' A Hurricane / Letting Go / Cold Day In July
09/1993 CD LIBERTY 89261 (US) SOMETHING UP MY SLEEVE - Diamonds And Tears / Just Like The Weather / I Keep Comin' Back To You / You Never Will / You'd Be The One / Hey Cinderella / Souvenirs / You Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger / No Green Eyes / Something Up My Sleeve
03/1994 CD LIBERTY 28457 (US) GREATEST HITS - Somewhere Between / Someday Soon / Outbound Plane / Cross My Broken Heart / Letting Go / Heartache / Drive South / Aces / Hopelessly Yours / W Lee Greenwood / I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
10/1994 CD LIBERTY 29606 (US) SIMPATICO - (Suzy BOGGUSS & Chet ATKINS) - In The Jailhouse Now / When She Smiled At Him / Forget About It / Wives Don't Like Old Girlfriends / Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word / Two Shades Of Blue / One For For The Road / I Still Miss Someone / You Bring Out The Best In Me / This Is The Beginning
07/1996 CD LIBERTY 36460 (US) GIVE ME SOME WHEELS - Give Me Some Wheels / Feeling Bout You / Let's Get Real / Traveling Light / Live To Love Another Day / No Way Out / Fall / Saying Goodbye To A Friend / She Said He Heard / Far And Away
06/1998 CD LIBERTY 57310 (US) NOBODY LOVE NOBODY GETS HURT - Just Enough Rope / When I Run / I Wish Hearts Would Break / Nobody Love Nobody Gets Hurt / Family Tree / Somebody To Love / Moonlight And Roses / Take Me Back / From Where I Stand / I Surrender / Train Of Thought
08/1999 CD PLATINUM 9358 (US) SUZY BOGGUSS - Taking That Red-Eye Home / Goodnight / Love Is Stronger / Love Is Blind / Empty Heart And A Harvest Moon / It's A Perfect Day For A Little Rain / Love Every Time / Hold Me To It / 20 Million Things / Hammer And Nail / Look What Love Has Done To Me / No Place To Go
03/2001 CD EMI GOLD 856038 (US) COUNTRY CLASSICS - Under The Gun / My Side Of The Story / Moment Of Truth / All Things Made New Again / Wild Horses / Fear Of Flying / As If I Didn't Know / Blue Days / Burning Down / Friend Of Mine
2001 CD EMI GOLD 527033 (US) COUNTRY CLASSICS II - I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart / Eat At Joe's / Take It To The Limit / Cross My Broken Heart / Someday Soon / Outbound Plane / My Sweet Love Ain't Around / Aces / Drive South / Heartache / Just Like The Weather / Hey Cinderella / You Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger / Souvenirs / Give Me Some Wheels / Cold Day In July / In The Jailhouse Now / Take Me Back
09/2002 CD CAPITOL 40691 (US) 20 GREATEST HITS - Drive South / Aces / I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart / Letting Go / Outbound Plane / Just Like The Weather / Somebody To Love / In The Jailhouse Now / Cross My Broken Heart / Someday Soon / Hey Cinderella / Forget About It / Cold Day In July / One More For The Road / Far And Away / Diamonds And Tears / Under The Gun / From Where I Stand / Eat At Joe's / Give Me Some Wheels
06/2003 CD COMPADRE 925151 (US) SWING - Straighten Up And Fly Right / My Dream Is You / Comes Love / Sweetheart / Jumping Into Spring / Do Nothing Till You Hear It From Me / Burning The Toast / It's Always New To Me / Cupid Shot Us Both With One Arrow / Picadilly Circus / It's All About You / Stay Out Of My Dreams
09/2003 CD COMPADRE 925152 (US) HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas / Mr Santa / Sleigh Ride / Do You Hear What I Hear / Winter Wonderland / I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer / Two-Step Round The Christmas Tree / Baby It's Cold Outside / Through Your Eyes / O Holy Night / Jingle Bells
09/2007 CD LOYAL DUTCHESS 0004 (US) SWEET DANGER - The Bus Ride / Everything / No Good Way To Go / If You Leave Me Now / In Heaven / Baby July / Even If That Were True / Chain Lover / Sweet Danger / Right Back Into The Feeling / It's Not Gonna Happen Today / One Clear Moment
02/2011 CD Country Stars CTS 55585 (EUR)

Live In Nashville - Chet Atkins, Jerry REED & Suzy Boguss - Sneakin' Around / All I Ever Need Is You / Outbound Plane / Ain't Nobody's Business / Something / Three Little Words / Aces / Midnight / Muleskinner Blues / Summertime / Georgia On My Mind / Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad


AMERICAN FOLK SONGBOOK - Shady Grove / Shenandoah / Red River Valley / Froggy Went A-Courtin' / Wayfaring Stranger / Banks Of The Ohio / Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier / Ol' Dan Tucker / Rock Island Line / Swing Low Sweet Chariot / All The Pretty Little Hourses / Careless Love / Sweet Betsy From Pike / Erie Canal / Git Along Little Dogies / Wildwood Flower / Beautiful Dreamer

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