Groupe Country Néerlandais formé en Septembre 1991 et composé de K.C. Byrd, Jeroen Haagedoorn (aka Larry Tulip), Rutger Berends et J.J. Slijk.

Dutch Country group formed in September 1991 and composed of K.C. Byrd, Jeroen Haagedoorn (aka Larry Tulip), Rutger Berends and J.J. Slijk. The authentic music of The Barnstompers is based on the late forties and early fifties traditional American Country-Boogie, Western-Swing, Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. The excellent combination of musicianship and vocals makes The Barnstompers an exciting band. This "Swingbilly" band is definitely worthwhile seeing perform live. Their unique repertoire and musical talents is what makes them different from many other bands. The band enjoys popularity both at home in the Netherlands and abroad. Having performed at many major foreign festivals is witness to the fact that they are a much-requested band in many parts in the world. They have performed in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, and did multiple tours in the USA. They performed live on a national radio show called "Country Time" and songs of their second CD were played on national radio multiple times. In April 2004 they played at the worlds biggest Rockabilly event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just recently in October 2006 they won 4 prestigious Dutch Country Awards.

Talents : K.C. Byrd : Guitar, Vocals - Larry Tulip : Cowhide Bullfiddle - Rutger Berends : Drums - J.J. Slijk : Rythm Guitar

Style musical : Country Boogie, Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly

BABY I'M READY (1999)  



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

1992 EP BARN 001 (NL) The Thingamajig / Dig That Ford / I'm A Ding Dong Daddy / Let Me Love You
1994 SP BARN 002 (NL) .

Gonna Roll And Rock / Go Boy Go

1996 SP MAC M 136 (NL) . What Am I Gonna Do / Waiting At The Station
1997 EP BARN 003 (NL) 49 Woman / Dig Boy Dig / Big Dipper / Smelly's Bounce
2003 SP Miz Liz LIZ-001 (US) .

Charlie Thompson & The Barnstompers - Tomorrow Night / Ain't It Fine


1999 CD BARN CD101 (NL) SWINGIN' WESTERN STYLE WITH THE BARNSTOMPERS - Baby I'm Ready / Man With The Blues / You Can't Pull The Wool / Mean Mean Woman / Call Off The Devil's Rider / I Feel For You / Midnight Date / I've Got Nothing To Lose / Little Train Of Love / Hold Me Baby / The Way You're Treatin' Me / Carefull Baby / Not The Same Words / Ten Years / Tennessee Saturday Night / Feelin' Low
2002 CD BARN CD102 (NL) THE BARNSTOMPERS PRESENT WESTERN RHYHM' - Two Timin' Mama / Clueless / Because You're Always On My Mind / Whirpool / Two Beers / Happy Heartaches / It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye / Just Can't Live That Fast Any More / No More Boogie / I'll Know You're Gone / Salt Your Pillow / Let It Roll / I Still Miss Someone / Hook, Line And Sinker / Mabel's Done Gone / Country Cattin' / Make Me Mad
2010 CD BARN CD103 (NL) MOVE ON IN ! - Move On In And Stay / So Much / I Hear You Talking / Come On Home / A Losing Game / I Want Her Blues / Don't Knock What You Don't Understand / Blues Around My Door / I Will / Heartaches / I'm Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down / Cajun Doll / Train As Black As Cole / Lips That Kiss So Sweetly / If I Find My Dreamgirl / Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / I'm Tired / Columbus G.A. (bonustrack)

IT'D SURPRISE YOU - Annita & The Starbombers - Mr Fly-By-Night / Which One Is To Blame / It'd Surprise You / I'll Never Be Free / Stop / I'll Keep On Loving You / I Wish I'd Never / Barbed Wire Love / I Gotta Have You / Columbus G.A / Trying To Forget You / Burn That Candle / Not Anymore / You Won't Find Me Singing The Blues For You / Strange / We Did / Bonus Track : I Hear You Talking ( From The Barnstompers' Latest Cd 'Move On In')

2018 LP 12" SLEAZY SRLP23 (S)

Showcase - THE BARNSTOMPERS - Passing The Blues Around (BARNSTOMPERS) / I Need Lovin' (Annita) / Farther Than My Eyes Can See  (Charlie THOMPSON) / Don't Lock Your Daddy Out (Glenn DORAN) / Baby ,You Got What It Takes (Annita & K.C. BYRD) / Looped (Junior MARVEL) / I'm Setting You Free (Charlie Thompson & Raina Brody) / My Baby's Done Gone Away (Glenn DORAN) / It's Gonna Be That Way (BARNSTOMPERS) / Blue (Charlie THOMPSON) / False Hearted Girl (Annita & K.C. BYRD) / The Blues Keep Knocking (Glenn DORAN) / I Got It Made (BARNSTOMPERS) / No Love In You (Junior MARVEL)

2018 CD SLEAZY SRCD39-53 (S) Showcase - THE BARNSTOMPERS - Passing The Blues Around (BARNSTOMPERS) / I Need Lovin' (Annita) / Farther Than My Eyes Can See (Charlie Thompson) / Looped (Junior Marvel) / Don't Lock Your Daddy Out (Glenn Doran) / It's Gonna Be That Way (BARNSTOMPERS) / False Hearted Girl (Annita & K.C. BYRD) / My Baby's Done Gone Away (Glenn Doran) / Blue (Charlie Thompson) / Alligator Man (BARNSTOMPERS) / Silent Lips (Annita) / I'm Setting You Free (Charlie Thompson & Raina BRODY) / I Got It Made (BARNSTOMPERS) / The Blues Keep Knocking (Glenn Doran) / Baby ,You Got What It Takes (Annita & K.C. BYRD) / It's A Little More Like Heaven (Charlie Thompson) / If You Don't Somebody Else Will (Glenn Doran) / The Whisle Of The Gravy Train (BARNSTOMPERS) / No Love In You (Junior Marvel) / Alone With You (Charlie Thompson)

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