Groupe Folk et Country US de Caroline du Nord composé de Scott et Seth Avett et Bob Crawford.

The Avett Brothers' music has roots in traditional folk and bluegrass, but also captures the high spirits and no-boundaries attitude of rock & roll — which is appropriate, since rock is where Scott Avett and Seth Avett first cut their teeth as musicians. Although siblings Scott (Vocalss, banjo) and Seth (Vocalss, guitar) began making music together as children, their group's genesis began when they were members of a rock band called Nemo, which gigged regularly in Greenville, NC. Looking for another outlet for their musical ideas, the Avetts began getting together with likeminded friends (most notably Nemo guitarist John Twomey) on Tuesdays for acoustic guitar pulls, where they'd share a few drinks and swap songs. As time passed, the weekly get-together (which was called "the Back Door Project" or "Nemo Downstairs") became a semi-public event, with the pickers busking for the enjoyment of passers-by, and Seth and Scott felt the new acoustic music they were making was as fun and satisfying as their rock band.
Twomey and the Avetts decided to document their side project in 2000, and "the Back Door Project" was renamed the Avett Brothers with the release of a self-titled album that same year. Nemo broke up before 2000 came to a close, and Seth and Scott decided to make the Avett Brothers their new priority. They amicably parted ways with Twomey and added upright bassist and Vocalsist Bob Crawford to the combo. After a few months of playing live shows, the new trio recorded its second album, 2002's Country Was. The Avett Brothers hit the road upon the album's release that summer, and used the opportunity to break in material for their next studio project, A Carolina Jubilee, which was released in 2003. (A live disc, Live at the Double Door Inn, was sandwiched between the two studio sets.)
Over the next several years, the Avett Brothers maintained a busy and prolific schedule. They released a lengthy and ambitious studio album, Mignonette, in 2004, another live disc in 2005, and both a full-length album (Four Thieves Gone: The Robinsville Sessions) and an EP (The Gleam) in 2006, all recorded during breaks in the group's heavy touring calendar. As if this weren't enough to keep the three men occupied, Crawford also recorded and performed with his side project New Jersey Transient, Seth Avett released albums under the moniker Darling, and Seth and Scott occasionally played shows with their electric band Oh What a Nightmare. In 2007, the Avett Brothers reached a new level of popularity with Emotionalism, their first album to make a dent on the Billboard charts. Rick Rubin took notice and signed the band to American Recordings, his own division of Sony BMG/Columbia, during the summer of 2008. The Gleam II, issued just several months later, was the Avett Brothers' last release on the Ramseur label, while 2009's I and Love and You served as their major-label debut. The album peaked at number 16, by far the band's highest chart placement to date, and the international tour that followed was partially documented on the 2010 concert album Live, Vol. 3. In 2011 The Avett Brothers received an invitation to perform alongside Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons at the Grammy Awards, and in 2012 they released The Carpenter, their second studio album under the tutelage of Rubin.

Talents : Scott Avett : Vocals, Banjo, Kick Drum, Drum - Seth Avett : Vocals, Guitar, High-Hat, Keys, Drum - Bob Crawford : Vocals, Bass

Style musical : Progressive Folk, Alternative Folk, Progressive Country, Alternative Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


Singles & EP

2000 EP ? (US) Kind Of In Love / My Lady And The Mountain / Those Green Eyes / Feb. 20, 2000 / Let Myself Live / I Love You Still
2004 SP ? (US) Swept Away / The Traveling Song [live] / November Blue [live]
09/2006 CD RAMSEUR 207433 (US) Sanguine / When I Drink / Yardsale / Backwards With Time / If It's The Beaches / Find My Love
07/2008 CD RAMSEUR 27242 (US) Tear Down The House / Murder In The City / Bella Donna / The Greatest Sum / St. Joseph's / Souls Like The Wheels


2002 CD ? (US) COUNTRY WAS - Pretty Girl From Matthews / Jenny And The Summer Day / A Lot Of Moving / November Blue / My Losing Bet / Beside The Yellow Line / Old Wyom / Closing Night
2002 CD ? (US) LIVE AT THE DOUBLE DOOR INN - A Lot Of Moving / Diamond Joe / Sorry Man / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / Jenny And The Summer Day / Pretty Girl From Matthews / Avett Brothers Monologue / I'll Fly Away / Let Myself Live / November Blue / My Losing Bet - Going Down The Road Feelin` Bad - Walkin` Down The Line / Gamblin' Man / Cripple Creek / Kind Of In Love / Beside The Yellow Line
08/2003 CD RAMSEUR 9288 (US) A CAROLINA JUBILEE - The Traveling Song / Love Like The Movies / Sorry Man / Me And God / Pretty Girl From Raleigh / Do You Love Him / I Killed Sally's Lover / Pretty Girl From Locust / My Last Song To Jenny / Walking For You / The D Bag Rag / Pretty Girl From Annapolis / Smoke In Our Lights / Offering
07/2004 CD RAMSEUR 828102 (US) MIGNONETTE - Swept Away [sentimental version] / Nothing Short Of Thankful / The New Love Song / At The Beach / Signs (with Scott MANNERING) / Hard Worker / Letter To A Pretty Girl / Please Pardon Yourself / Pretty Girl At The Airport / Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane / Causey Commentary / One Line Wonder / The Day That Marvin Gaye Died / Swept Away / A Gift For Melody Anne / Complainted D'Un Matelot Mourant / Salvation Song
05/2005 CD RAMSEUR 591625 (US) LIVE, VOL. 2 - Pretty Girl From Annapolis / Love Like The Movies / Walking For You / Do You Love Him / I Killed Sally's Lover / Smoke In Our Lights / A Lot Of Movin' / November Blue / Wanted Man / Old Joe Clark / My Last Song To Jenny / The Traveling Song / Offering / A Gift For Melody Anne / Complainted D'Un Matelot Mourant / Pretty Girl From Raleigh / Please Pardon Yourself
02/2006 CD RAMSEUR 594705 (US) FOUR THIEVES GONE - THE ROBBINSVILLE SESSIONS - Talk On Indolence / Pretty Girl From Feltre / Colorshow / Distraction #74 / Sixteen In July / Left On Laura, Left On Lisa / A Lover Like You / Pretend Love / Matrimony / The Lowering (A Sad Day In Greenvilletown) / The Fall / Dancing Daze / Famous Flower Of Manhattan / 40 East / Gimmeakiss / Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer) / Four Thieves Gone
03/2007 CD RAMSEUR 2716 (US) EMOTIONALISM - Die Die Die / Shame / Paranoia In B-Flat Major / The Weight Of Lies / Will You Return? / The Ballad Of Love And Hate / Salina / Pretty Girl From Chile / All My Mistakes / Living Of Love / I Would Be Sad / Pretty Girl From San Diego / Go To Sleep / Hand-Me-Down Time
09/2009 CD AMERICAN 735099 (US) I AND LOVE AND YOU - I And Love And You / January Wedding / Head Full Of Doubt - Road Full Of Promise / And It Spread / The Perfect Space / Ten Thousand Words / Kick Drum Heart / Laundry Room / I'll With Want / Tin Man / Slight Figure Of Speech / It Goes On And On / Incomplete And Insecure
08/2010 CD COLUMBIA 58775 (US) LIVE, VOLUME 3 - Pretty Girl From Matthews / Talk On Indolence / Ballad False Start / The Ballad Of Love And Hate / Colorshow / I And Love And You / Shame / When I Drink / Murder In The City / I Killed Sally's Lover / Head Full Of Doubt - Road Full Of Promise / The Perfect Space / Paranoia In Bb Major / Distraction #74 / Kick Drum Heart / Salvation Song
09/2012 CD ISLAND 3712786 (US) THE CARPENTER - The Once And Future Carpenter / Live And Die / Winter In My Heart / Pretty Girl From Michigan / I Never Knew You / February Seven / Through My Prayers / Down With The Shine / A Fathers First Spring / Geraldine / Paul Newman vs. The Demons / Life

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