Chanteur Country US né le 28 Mars 1969 dans le Tennessee.

Though country singer Rodney Atkins didn't get his first guitar until one Christmas in high school, he took to the instrument instantly and was soon playing anywhere he could around his Cumberland Gap, TN, home. While at college at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, Atkins used the opportunity to go into Nashville as often as he could, and by the time he graduated he was starting to make himself known as a performer in the area. In 1997, he signed to Curb Records and was set to release his debut shortly after, but when he didn't like the finished results and label head Mike Curb gave him the go-ahead to record new songs, Atkins spent the next two years working with various producers, engineers, and musicians for an album that would ultimately never see the light of day. He resurfaced, however, in 2003 with his true debut, Honesty, and three years later If You're Going Through Hell, recorded in his home studio, came out.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



08/1997 CD CURB 73026 (US) . In A Heartbeat
2002 CD CURB ? (US) Sing Along
09/2003 CD CURB 73149 (US) Honesty / My Old Man
04/2010 DI CURB ? (US) Farmer's Daughter


09/1997 CD CURB 77896 (US) RODNEY ATKINS - In A Heartbeat / God Only Knows / Tear It Up / Nothing To Lose / Diamonds / It Never Fails / Forgetting Something / It's Been Real / All In My Heart / I Thought There Was Time
10/2003 CD CURB 78745 (US) HONESTY - Honesty / What's Left Of Me / Monkey In The Middle / Someone To Share It With / The Love We Make / The Man I Am Today / Uncomplicated / Sing Along / Yeah She Does / I Will Come To You / Forgiveness And Permission / My Old Man
07/2006 CD CURB 78945 (US) IF YOU'RE GOING THROUGH HELL - These Are My People / About The South / Watching You / Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) / In The Middle / Man On A Tractor / Wasted Whiskey / Invisibly Shaken / Angel's Hands / If You're Going Through Hell
03/2009 CD CURB 79132 (US) IT'S AMERICA - Tell A Country Boy / Chasin' Girls / Got It Good / Best Things / Friends With Tractors / 15 Minutes / Simple Things / It's America / Rockin' Of The Cradle / When It's My Time / The River Just Knows

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