Chanteuse Country US née le 29 Décembre 1983 à Huntington (Tennessee).

Tennessee native Jessica Andrews was born into a musical family, and found singing was her niche in a fourth-grade talent show. Her version of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" won first prize and set her on a path that took her to local fairs and carnivals — anywhere she could sing.
Word of mouth about Andrews' talents spread, and soon friends of Nashville producer Byron Gallimore insisted he listen to her. Intrigued by her range and tonal control, he and Andrews went into the studio and began choosing songs to record. Gallimore also invited DreamWorks Nashville label representatives to a showcase Andrews performed at, where she was offered a contract immediately. Her debut release for the label, Heart Shaped World, came out in 1999. Who I Am followed two years later. Who I Am followed two years later; the title track earned Andrews her first #1 country single. 2003 saw the release of Now, which introduced a slightly more down-to-earth, grown-up sound.

Talents:  Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Piano

Style musical : Country Pop, Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



01/1999 SP DREAMWORKS 59021 (US) . I Will Be There For You / ?
11/1999 SP DREAMWORKS 459042 (US) . Unbreakable Hearts / Unbreakable Hearts (alternate)
2000 CD DREAMWORKS 5241 (US) Unbreakable Heart [radio edit #1] / Unbreakable Heart # [radio edit #2] / Unbreakable Heart [album version]
2000 SP DREAMWORKS 450859 (US) . Karma (remix) / Show Me Heaven
11/2000 SP DREAMWORKS 450918 (US) . Who Am I / Helplessly Hopelessly
06/2005 SP DREAMWORKS ? (US) . Summer Girl
12/2008 DI LYRIC STREET ? (US) . Everything [single version]


03/1999 CD DREAMWORKS DRD 50104 (US) HEART SHAPED WORLD - James Dean In Tennessee / You Go First / Riverside / Whatever / Unbreakable Heart / Hungry Love / Heart Shaped World / I'll Take Your Heart / I Do Now / I've Been Waiting For You / Ruby Shoes / I Will Be There For You
02/2001 CD DREAMWORKS DRD 50248 (US) WHO I AM - Now I Know / Every Time / I Don't Like Anyone / Karma / Helplessly Hopelessly / Who I Am / These Wings / Never Had It So Good / Make Me Love You / Wishing Well / Good Friend To Me / Show Me Heaven
04/2003 CD DREAMWORKS DRD 450356 (US) NOW - There's More To Me Than You / When Gentry Plays Guitar / I Wish For You / To Love You Once / I Bring It To You / Never Be Forgotten / They Are The Roses / Sunshine And Love / You're The Man (That Brings The Woman Out Of Me) / Cowboy Guarantee / Now / Second Sunday / Windows On A Train / God Don't Give Up On Us / Good Time / There's More To Me Than You
11/2010 CD UME B0015005-02 (US) ICON - There's More To Me Than You / Good Time / Who I Am / Karma / Summer Girl / Unbreakable Heart / Helplessly, Hopelessly / Good Friend To Me / I Will Be There For You / I Do Now / The Marrying Kind / You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss)

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