Duo Rockabilly US comprenant Alton Lott (né en 1940 à Hillsboro (Mississippi)) et Jimmy Harrell (né en 1936 à Hillsboro (Mississippi)). Ils ont enregistré chez Sun Records de Memphis (Tennessee).

US Rockabilly duo including Alton Lott (born in 1940 in Hillsboro (Mississippi)) and Jimmy Harrell (born in 1936 in Hillsboro (Mississippi)). It recorded at Sun Records of Memphis (Tennessee).

Talent : Alton : Vocal, Guitar - Jimmy : Vocal, Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly


I GOT IT MADE (IN THE SHADE) (195?) (unissued)

WHY DO I LOVE YOU (1959) (Sun unissued)

Années en activité :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



07/1959 SP SUN 323 (US) No More Crying The Blues / Have Faith In My Love

Unissued Tracks

195? Unissued I Got It Made (In The Shade)
195? Unissued Looking For Someone
1959 Sun unissued Just Don't Know
1959 Sun unissued No More Crying The Blues [alt. vers.]
1959 Sun unissued What's The Use
1959 Sun unissued Why Do I Love You

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