Chanteur Country US né le 7 Mai 1943 à Wichita (Kansas).

There may be no greater maverick than Terry Allen in all of country music from the mid-'70s onward. Along with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock — all of whom he's known and collaborated with — Allen is a standard-bearer of the Lubbock, TX, country scene. Though not widely heralded, this is perhaps the most progressive movement in all of contemporary country, digging into modern-day concerns with a gutsy, liberal perspective, while maintaining a firm musical grounding in regional country and folk traditions. Allen is perhaps the most ambitious of them all, writing complex song cycles that have been performed with the help of fellow eclectics ranging from Lowell George to David Byrne.
Allen's audience, like those of the other Lubbock pioneers, is not the country mainstream. Indeed, his principal appeal may not lie with the country audience at all (though his music definitely is country), but with open-minded alternative folk and rock listeners. Unlike most current country artists, his words aim to question and confront hard day-to-day realities, rather than offer conservative clichés or maudlin comforts to shield listeners from those very day-to-day realities. He does so with a humor and irreverence that will also find little sympathy in Nashville or Middle America.
Country music is just one of Allen's artistic pursuits, perhaps accounting to some degree for his wide perspective. The renaissance man is also an internationally recognized artist with three NEA grants and a Guggenheim Fellowship to his credit. He's also a true multimedia performer, having done work in the mediums of painting, sculpture, film, video, installation, theater, and poetry. Just a few of his more interesting projects, for instance, were writing the music for Amerasia, a film about American servicemen living in Thailand after the Vietnam War; writing a new national anthem (with Ely, Hancock, and Gilmore) in conjunction with a book about Vietnam; and collaborating with his wife, Jo Harvey Allen, as well as Ely and Hancock, on the production of the acclaimed stage play Chippy.
But Allen is not a country music dilettante, having written songs for Bobby Bare and Robert Earl Keen. Outside of the strict country sphere, he wrote "New Delhi Freight Train" for Little Feat, and contributed a few songs to the soundtrack of David Byrne's True Stories film. The cinema has always been an inspiration or influence upon Allen's work. His first album, Juarez (from the mid-'70s), was a conceptual work that originated as a soundtrack to an imaginary film, evolving in performance to a set of songs inspired by Mexican imagery.
Released in 1979, Lubbock (On Everything) is considered his most significant album. Inspired by his experiences growing up in the Texas town, it won praise for observing the details of regional life and characters with a sensitivity and wit more akin to rock and folk singer/songwriters than country ones. Allen's music (if not his lyrical content), however, remains very much in the Texan country tradition.
With many artistic projects always in the works, Allen has never had the need to record frequently. His singing and songwriting prowess remained undimmed, though, on 1996's Human Remains. He also expanded his musical horizons significantly with support from such noted stars and cult figures as David Byrne, Lucinda Williams, Ponty Bone, Lloyd Maines, and Joe Ely. Salivation followed in 1999.

Talents : Singer, Keyboards

Style musical : Country-Rock, Alternative Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1975 LP 12" FATE 5827 (US) JUAREZ - Juarez Device (Texican Badman) / Characters - A single Story / Cortez Sail / Border Palace / Dogwood / Writing On Rocks Across The USA / Radio And Real Life / There Outta Be A Law / What Of Alicia / Honeymoon In Cortez / Four Corners / Run South / Jabo - Street Walkin' Woman / Cantina Carlotta / La Despedida (The Parting)
1979 2 LP 12" FATE 33996 (US) LUBBOCK (ON EVERYTHING) - Amarillo Highway (For Dave Hickey) / Highplains Jamboree / Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy) / Wolfman Of Del Rio / Lubbock Woman / Girl Who Danced Oklahoma / Truckload Of Art / Collector (And The Art Mob) / Oui (A French Song) / Rendezvous USA / Cocktails For Three / Beautiful Waitress / Blue Asian Reds (For Roadrunner) / New Delhi Freight Train / FFA / Flatland Farmer / My Amigo / Pink And Black Song / Thirty Years Waltz (For Jo Harvey) / I Just Left Myself
1981 LP 12" FATE 38126 (US) SMOKIN' THE DUMMY - TERRY ALLEN & THE PANHANDLE MYSTERY BAND - Heart Of California / Cocaine Cowboy / Whatever Happened To Jesus (And Maybellene) / Helena Montana / Texas Tears / Cajun Roll / Feelin' Easy / Night Cafe / Roll Truck Roll / Red Bird / Lubbock Tornado (I Don't Know)
1984 LP 12" FATE 38122 (US) BLOODLINES - TERRY ALLEN & THE PANHANDLE MYSTERY BAND - Bloodlines / Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy / Cantina Carlotta / Ourland / Oh Hally Lou / Oh What A Dangerous Life / Manhattan Bluebird / There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California / Bloodlines (II)
1986 LP 12" FATE 53266 (US) THE SILENT MAJORITY - Blue Velvet / We're Here Now / Jawohl Asshole / School's For Fools / Telephone Call / Farm Song / Fuckin' Shit Ass / Hey Buddy / Train / Wet Your Lips / Tank / Raise A Little Hell / Guatemala / Big Black Bush / Rise Above
1987 LP 12" FATE 2637 (US) AMERASIA - Amerasia / My Country Tis Of Thee / Burden / Back Out Of The World / Swanlake / Display Woman Displaced Man / Lucy's Tiger Den / Chop Sticks Thai Sticks / Nobody's Goin' Home (Friendship Highway) / Metrapab / Church Walking / Food Stall / Canal / Sawahdi / Orphans / Pataya / Let Freedom Ring
01/1996 CD SUGAR HILL 1050 (US) HUMAN REMAINS - Gone To Texas / Room To Room / Back To Black / Wilderness Of This World / Little Sandy / Buck Naked / What Of Alicia / That Kind Of Girl / Galleria Dele Ami / Crisis Site 13 / Peggy Legg / After The Fall / Flatland Boogie
1997 CD SUGAR HILL 1057 (US) SMOKIN' THE DUMMY / BLOODLINES - TERRY ALLEN & THE PANHANDLE MYSTERY BAND - The Heart Of California / Whatever Happened To Jesus (And Maybellene) ? / Helena Montana / Texas Tears / Feelin Easy / The Night Café / Roll Truck Roll / Red Bird / The Lubbock Tornado (I Don't Know) / Bloodlines [I] / Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy / Cantina Carlotta / Our Land / Oh Hally Lou / Oh What A Dangerous Life / Manhattan Bluebird / There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California / Bloodlines [II]
03/1999 CD SUGAR HILL 1061 (US) SALIVATION - Salivation / Doll / Billy The Boy / Southern Comfort / Rio Ticino / Red Leg Boy / Cortez Sail / X-mas On The Isthmus / Ain't No Top 40 Song / Show / Give Me The Flowers
2005 CD SUGAR HILL 1079 (US) THE SILENT MAJORITY - TERRY ALLEN'S GREATEST MISSED HITS - Advice To Children / Yo Ho Ho / Home On The Range / I Love Germany / The Burden / Big Ol' White Boys / Arizona Spiritual / Oh Tired Feet / Rollback / Cocktail Desperado / 3 Finger Blues / Oh Mom / High Horse Momma / New Delhi Freight Train / Loneliness (Rockin' By MommaLonesome Rose Lonely Road) / Heart's Road
02/2006 CD SUGAR HILL 1078 (US) PEDAL STEEL - Pedal Steel
07/2007 CD SUGAR HILL 4037 (US) BEST OF THE SUGAR HILL TEARS - Amarillo Highway / What Of Alicia / Helena Montana / Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy / Truckload Of Art / X-Mas On The Isthmus / New Delhi Freight Train / Flatland Boogie / The Doll / Red Bird / Peggy Legg / Wilderness Of This World / The Beautiful Waitress / Give Me The Flowers / Cortez Sail / Oh Hally Lou

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