Chanteur Country US né le 1er Avril 1883 à Waxahachie (Texas), Jules Vern Allen est décédé le 10 Juillet 1945.

Jules Verne Allen was one of a handful of authentic and documented cowboy singers and writers -- along with Carl T. Sprague -- who lived the life that his songs dealt with. He also learned those songs before radio and records carried them to the world, when they were still part of an oral tradition. A cowboy from the age of ten, and a participant in cattle drives until the end of the first decade of the new century, Allen began singing as an amateur for the pleasure of his fellow cowboys.
After a stint in law enforcement, including a possible period as a Texas Ranger, and service in the army during World War I, he began working as a professional singer in the 1920s and was appearing on radio in Dallas, San Antonio, and Los Angeles by the end of the decade, sometimes under various pseudonyms, including Longhorn Luke. Allen began cutting music for Victor starting in 1928, and cut a total of a dozen sides for the company that year and the next. He cut what were among the earliest known versions of "The Cowboy's Dream," "Home on the Range," and "Days of Forty-Nine." His recording of "The Dying Cowboy," more familiar as "Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie," is one of the more notable authentic oral tradition-derived versions of a song dating, in that form, at least since the 1830s.
Allen was also a composer and writer in his own right, and published Cowboy Lore, a collection of three dozen songs accompanied by details about cowboy life, in 1933 -- it has been reprinted several times, most recently in 1971, some 26 years after his death.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Main Performer

Style musical : Cowboy, Old-Timey, Yodeling



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


78 t.

1928 78 t. VICTOR 21470 (US) Jules ALLEN - Little Joe The Wrangler / Jack O' Diamonds
1928 78 t. VICTOR 21627 (US) Jules ALLEN - Home On The Range / Days Of 49
1928 78 t. VICTOR VI 40022 (US) Jules ALLEN - Gal I Left Behind / Zebra Dun
1929 78 t. VICTOR VI 40068 (US) Jules ALLEN - Texas Cowboy / Prisoner For Life
1929 78 t. VICTOR VI 40118 (US) Jules ALLEN - Longside The Santa Fe Trail / Two Fragments
1929 78 t. VICTOR VI 40167 (US) Jules ALLEN - Cowboy's Love Song / Chisholm Trail
1929 78 t. VICTOR VI 40178 (US) Jules ALLEN - Cowboy's Dream / Cowboy's Lament
1930 78 t. VICTOR VI 40263 (US) Jules ALLEN - Punching The Dough / When The Work's All Done This Fall
1932 78 t. Montgomery Ward ‎M 4099 (US)

Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (The Dying Cowboy) / (Carl T SPRAGUE) / The Cowboy's Lament  (Jules ALLEN)

1932 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M 4343 (US) Home On The Range (Jules ALLEN) / The Cowboy's Dream (Carl T SPRAGUE)
1932 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M 4344 (US) Jules ALLEN - Long Side The Santa Fe Trail / Little Joe, The Wrangler
1934 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M 4463 (US) Jules ALLEN - Chisholm Trail / Days Of 49
1934 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M 4464 (US) Jules ALLEN - Zebra Dun / Jack O' Diamonds
1936 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M 4779 (US) Jules ALLEN - Jack O' Diamonds / The Cowboy's Love Song
1936 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M-4101 (US) On The Red River Shore (Bud Billings Trio ((Frank LUTHER) with Carson Robison) / The Cowboy's Love Song (Jules Allen)
1936 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD M 4780 (US) Jules ALLEN - Longside The Santa Fe Trail / Little Joe The Wrangler
1936 78 t. MONTGOMERY WARD 4781 (US) Jules ALLEN - Two Fragments / Texas Cowboy

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